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Mutated Virus

In the near future the Earth is ruined and undead corpses is the only thing walking the streets that were populated by living humans in the past. Survive in a post-apocalyptic Earth and destroy as many undead as you can before they take you down!!

---Mutated Virus has the best graphics you have ever seen on Quest---
---Official support on Quest 2 (72FPS ​ 80 FPS 90 FPS)-----

- ''Mutated Virus'' exploits to the fullest the hardware capabilities of the Oculus Quest. The experience from the game mechanics and graphics feels just like playing the game in Oculus Rift. A full PC-VR experience compacted into the Oculus Quest platform!
- Smooth motion and framerate
- Official support on Quest 2 (72FPS ​ 80 FPS 90 FPS)
- Free Movement
- 14 Weapons
- 3 Maps
- 16 Zombies
- Wordwide Leaderboards
- Survival mode
- Latest Gen Graphics and FX (4 GEN)
- Snap turning - Smooth Turning
- Movable lights
- Dual Weapons

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