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Bionic Hunter : The Ancient Sword

It's an open world Sci-Fi first person survival shooter. Unlock New Weapons! Hunt down diverse amazing monsters and kill towering giants! Upgrade your weapons!Use your weapons, your Friendly Compact robots and Drones cleverly! Complete your Missions to unlock New functions that will help you survive longer and conquer the top slots of the worldwide Leaderboards.
Bionic Hunter exploits to the fullest the capabilities and hardware of Oculus Quest. The whole experience, the mechanics and also the graphics are just like playing the game in Oculus Rift. A PC VR experience in Quest! All that with smooth motion and framerate

- Smooth motion and framerate
- Οfficially Support 90HZ
- Free Movement
- Leaderboards to track your ranking among other players worldwide
- Friendly Compact robots and Drones help you in the Battle
- Real Bionic Punches
- Melee weapons
- Story
- Missions
- Dual Weapons
- Hand Rockets
- Snap turning and Smooth Turn
- 14 Sci-Fi Weapons to choose
- 25 Gigantic Monsters, Parasites and Drones(with Surreal abilities)
- 4 Planet size Maps!
- Latest Gen Graphics and FX (4 GEN)
- Tons of PowerUps to choose
- Open world Maps
- Over 10 Hours of GamePlay
- Support Standing and Seated!

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